Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion Oil In Pakistan

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Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion Oil Available In Pakistan Made By Thailand

Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion

Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion Oil Price In Pakistan

Original Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion Oil In Pakistan –


How to Use: Before Applying Neo Hair Lotion, Gently Comb Your Hair a Few Times, to Activate the Hair Roots and Stimulate Blood Circulation.

For the Best Result, Use Twice a Day, in the Morning and Evening, Preferably After Washing and Drying You Hair. one Bottle Keeps for One Month, and Most People Will See a Result in 2-3 Months!

Neo Hair Lotion Works for Both Men and Women, and All Hair Types Including Eyebrows, Sideburns, and Beards.

Hair Treatment Root Nutrients Effective 100%


  • A supplement and facilitate hair cell to grow up
  • Making a hair root more grounded
  • Diminishing male pattern baldness, Activate new hair conceived
  • Quicken new hair to get longer and more grounded, Anti male pattern baldness


  • Neo Hair Lotion Price in Pakistan is produced using 100 percent characteristic fixings:
  • Melon can hurry the development of hair, improve the hairs’ quality, hinder the loss of hair, mollify the hair and make the hair sparkly.
  • She Palmetto, a characteristic concentrate of saw palms that can diminish the impacts of DHT, a subordinate of testosterone that avoids the hair to take up supplements from the blood.
  • Hair treatment wax from coconut and wild nectar can fix and support the hair roots, shield the hair from daylight and contaminations, and treat dried and harmed hair.
  • Neo Hair Lotion in Islamabad can be utilized by the two people.


Invigorates blood dissemination of the scalp cells, making the hair follicle get supplements, bringing about the hair root being cautioned, quickening hair development.

  • With feeding the hair roots to be solid.
  • Lessen male pattern baldness.
  • Invigorates new hair development.
  • Helps quicken the development of long, solid, and dark hair.
  • Inhibit the fall hair.
  • It helps lessen and restrain balding from hereditary causes.
  • It helps fix and support hair.
  • Protect from sun harm and outer contamination.
  • Nourishing the hair profoundly.
  • Nourishing the scalp to be saturated.
  • Reduce the sleekness of the scalp.

6 reviews for Green Wealth Neo Hair Lotion Oil In Pakistan

  1. Asif Khan

    no doubt it is the resutls i have used it and got satisfied resutls Thanks.

  2. Kashif Ali

    Amazaing Product I have used it. 100% effected and Original Product

  3. Faheem Malik

    it is amazing and very resultive product we have used it and got resutls Thanks.

  4. munir shah

    khuch he dino mei ye results dena shoro kr deta hai. i like this

  5. Khalid Khan

    best lotion

  6. Shoaib Abbasi

    Really great product and original 100%

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